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certain proportion of cases of malignant disease is complicated by

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graphs of patients showing the facial stigmata of insanity, and some interesting illustrations

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politeness and good breeding, is directly at war with thorough mastica-

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irritation of the nerves in question may as well excite the action of the intestine as also stop

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upon these, with an occasional bath, to control and to cure the

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determination lOf the freezing point (cryoscopy) to the study of patho-

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the ground is as follows : As the body passes onward,

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Radin, Allen Robert. Clinical Instructor in Medicine.

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" VArt de connmtre et de designer le Pouls par les Notes de la

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digitalis nor the bromide of potassium treatment of delirium

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opment of morbid conditions and study the signs and

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simpler, and the antiseptics most relied on are soap, water and

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backwards, according to certain principles. Also, it m\ be ad-

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may find and feel that there is one to be heard of who " stick-

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alluded to tbe existence of giant ceUs in tubercle, according to the views of

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Hampton, Oyer Hughes, Wm. Soule. Voli ktoww, Harvey Cam/A

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■ Bud Virchou), Die Cellularpathologie. 4th Auflage. 1871. S. 443.

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Diseases for the time and effort they have spent and

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early stage. The remedies are phosphate of lime, vegetable tonics,

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it be tjot altogether incompatible with the existence of, acute inflam-

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changes described. The internal vesical sphincter does not appear as

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improvement of their Instruments than has heretofore been their pri-



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