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reticulated red cells, which seem to be an excellent indicator of the
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No. 121 the heart is said to have consisted entirely of the right
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increased secretion of gastric juice. This taking place
January 20— Diabetes Symposium. Enloe Hospital at The Esplanade Build-
markedly at about 245°, but not melting completely below 280°.
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Immediately following the convention, on October 27,
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was worse than goitre, although without it we might not so readily
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did not escape. Frequently from one-third to one-half of the
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Signa. To be taken in molasses, and followed by a draught of
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I)i;. .loiiNsoN : I li.i\c seen four ca-,e>, of tumor of
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' these eliminated, the profit would be greater. Our
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as it can be assimilated ; beginning with milk and raw eggs and
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dangers of vaccination in relation to the spread of
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parent, Sweet Russet, Longfield, Windsor Chief, and Low-
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on referring to my notes, that there were, during the
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deficiency of certain amino acids. When vegetable proteins of the sec-
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tenth day after intervention cephalalgia reappeared, with pains in the teeth.
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once. Mosquito larva; can never live in such places."
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and pain was slight. After six or seven days the appendix
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of breathlessness, palpitation, and pains over the heart on any
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be interesting to find out, by further observation, if left-handed
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Perhaps we may render an account of these facts by supposing,
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fore, dislocations happen most frequently." f The influence which
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bers of his audience work up an exaggerated mental picture, worry
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consequently to the existing facilities, inquiry made haphazard
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uiiilBr observation u boy of tb« same age, who pro-
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negatives, and deaths having now been stated, it will
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facts, and devote his energy to disproving the theories of others, not
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could not agree, I left the house. 1 was followed by the
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It is only a smaU proportion of a community that is attacked during an
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minofihrous element in various forma. The aolid orgimio
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The patient not only could not concentrate, but she was
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