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particularly that of Pte. G., were quite characteristic of Asiatic cholera. Others
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which is usually a peculiar sensation in some part of the
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have we any grounds for assuming that such materies morhi
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San Francisco Bay Area population, but impoverished
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Evanov, Frank A. Clinical Assistant Professor of Medicine.
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heavy consumption of protein. The stimulated heat production which
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lumbar spines at a spot a few millimetres on one side of the middle
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Case 3 (No. 31603). — A. G., aged 25, a inusician by occupation, presented
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its enjoyments would possess no rharms; and also to lead us to attain that
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such localities be unavoidable, then mosquito headnets, heavy gauntlets,
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higher commands, have always shown a mad brutaUty as
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faser* or 'protoplasmic band;' if auto-regeneration obtains; or if
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April 5. The secretion has been drawn off daily, and has
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But now let us go a little deeper into this claim of Dr.
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glands could be felt, and in case of enlargement remov-
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local, the new organization will have a national scope. The
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range of benefits, as enumerated earlier; however, their use is
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to be dissociated from the examination in medicine and surgery,
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stated by the doctors, tnat I steamed and sweat my pa-
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galvanic current only. In this condition it may re-
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and a diminution of muscular power, almost amounting to pa-
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legally married or unmarried. I speak of mere animal indulgence as such."
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salts and small number of mucous corpuscles. X 125 diameters.
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theory concerning arsenical neuritis, it did not seem
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back through the capsule, without which, reduction can never take place,
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and for which it is indebted to Mr. Farre, the Registrar-
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relieved— where the tumor has either entirely disappeared or has so
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properly housed at night, and the food that they often gather in
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as others see us, but the advantage was supposed to
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said that child welfare was not a patriotic movement, however much to
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of disease of the central nervous system and elsewhere has been



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