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to the therapeutic powers of the Sanguinaria Canadensis, a plant often
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been con8ti[)ated of late ; the appetite has been poor. He
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me with a great deal of pleasure. But shortly after I made these early pur-
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objection, from this single fact, — an insect confines itself to no particular
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number of medical practitioners are the following in numerical
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^th Day. — Sound again passed for 16 inches, the screen showed the
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ation of the blood, rather than as a cachexia causing * nervous
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there themselves. Living together, they stimulate each other, and create
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course of the disease in the patients reported in this series, the cases
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positive advance the new and dangerous doctrine is making, and the hold
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is most easily digestible and most efficacious. By its use,
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guts, especially several sorts of worms found in them <Phil. Tr., Lond. (1672)
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prove the hypothesis of the circulating energy of the nervous
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poor in coagulable constituents. Leukocytes only appear in the exudate in
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like dispatching a mortal to the care of ‘Charon’ than then.”
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metabolism may be the cause of continued autointoxication.
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tion with a view to obtaining the necessary in-structions and au-
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eight months of further treatment without effect, the patient was
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the main teaching hospital for the Berlin University. It was here that Rudolph
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FEMALES. By T. Gaillard Thomas, M. D., Professor of Obstetrics and the Diseases
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are especially so. The instance of the slaves in Italy, who got fat
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Later the Boston Homoeopathic Medical Society called a meeting
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Tympani. By M. Bonnafont. (Revue Medicale; Gazette Medicale de
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Guard, fell on the morning of the 20th of March, 1821, against a pile of mus-
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fibers and epithelial elements with pus cells; she also became very ill, and
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We mean by this an enlargement of the olecranon, due to
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nor hfemorrhagic, we should think of a possible thp-oid failure
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£26, 5s.' ; Eye and Ear Intinnary, Myrtle Street, 46 beds; Infirmary for Cliildren,
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ceedings of the 13th meeting of the Interstate Associations of
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an unusual form of symmetrical lenticular opacities in the adult nuclear
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