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cated through the feet, or by the ticks, I think fallacious, and will not
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and to depend upon the contributions of private individuals ; which
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In the 'New York Journal of Surgery for May there is an in-
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would suit admirably, but it sounds like a revolution to disturb clinical
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of the most valuable of newer remedies. Helmitol is a urinary anti-
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Jefferson street, and so lying one square nearer to the river,
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lancet with great care — was followed by no result what-
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cases on which he had successfully operated, and mentioned his
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> The case Is reported in full on page 329 of the Journal.
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tion, the observation, the experience of a life-time.;
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of dilation of the stomach and also a series of cases of ptosis of
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when we make no earnest effort to eradicate the causes. Individually
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both of this and other cities, in connection with the treatment of
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air, and warm, illy-ventilated apartments are sought for refuge from
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must say that I mourn not having escaped them, for I doubt
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nature of the malady, and is, besides, a general term, and therefore appro-
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Lehre von der erworbenen Lungenatelektase. Diss. Wiirzb., 1857, and Vir-
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the brain in forty-six cases gave twenty-one positive results. A large
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cases, and echolalia, coprolalia, echokinesis, and the like, as subsequent
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His experiments with sewage from the river Spree and
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country, being directed to continue the use of the iodine for some time longer.
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sky instanter, but it can't get out ; it is a regular prisoner of
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World's Fair of 1893, were: "The statue of itself is nothing, but the
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fluid. The rabbit had lost about 100 gm. in weight but was otherwise apparently
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Of the eighty-seven cases so diagnosed, 86.2 per cent, showed
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of considerable difficulty. I am glad to say that in two of the cases
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the best effects the animal should be starved before giving
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