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gets impaired, and' the temper irritable; while often the counte-
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Nations the most prominent in civilisation have alike vied with
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His symptoms then were vomiting, with absence of HCl.
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the hog, it should be cleaned off before being put into the
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ral chemical series, of which the formulae go on in-
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occurs when the hemorrhage is into the cord; and fourthly, the dis-
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habit of absorbing sputa. On this point he received
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conld not be felt so early. Dr. Rasch urged his hearers to try patiently, aad
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Nor v^ill this appear strange, when we consider the
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w r ith sufficiently cold water to a line level with the umbilicus.
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the testicular cord an iron heated to a white heat, the actual
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nal section of a kidney magnified to the volume of one foot in its long diame-
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Cohen, Barton Eliot. Clinical Assistant Professor of
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reduce the dislocation of the femur, which he did very dexter-
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case so difficult as those which the doctor describes,
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upon it is that those who undertake the supervision of human life should
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made some eflfort to obtain information as to how it is received
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phlogistine will do much good. In order to allay undue
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rational method of treatment from these observations at
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keeping the lamb in a position so that its buttock in-
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particularly spared. Corns are seldom found in the hind feet,
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it is in the East, but here in the West, it would be thought
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head. An expert horseman can nearly always interpret
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of medicine, but if by death or otherwise he be diverted and de-
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When improvement begins, the tension of the pulse is less-
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Effects produced ly the destruction of the left msual word-centre. — "We
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pea-sized nodule in the lung of a patient who had died of pneu-
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excision might be entertained. But the surgeon must not forget that
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ease pending investigation. The State live-stock sanitary commission
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sufficient to require reintubation may be spasmodic or due to collapse of the
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on the bottle, on the inside at least, since last April, waiting pa-
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to wounds in general ; and the treatment of them in no wise differs
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creased secretion of the aqueous humor, and probabl3 T a small amount of
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proportion of cases. Of course, the procedure to be
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