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The Journal of Pathology and Bacteriology, Feb., 1893. This valuable article

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new silo, the ensilage from which was moldy. The symptoms

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ting of blood/' and partly to the quantity of blood lost.

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that of the schistomycetes in general — and keeps it in a state of

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t of an International Congress. The second Congress

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tenance, cost of courts, almshouses and prisons, one

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was diametrically opposed to that of the Empirics ;

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plete luxations of the shoulder, the capsular ligament must necessarily be

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State society, district and county society, besides call-

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suit from chronic disease of the stomach or chronic intes-

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which was formerly confused with syphilis, and later was thought to

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edge of certain flat epithelial cancers of the cutis."

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telligible sounds. Has' difficulty in supporting head,

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have been found, on investigation, to belong to the secondary

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into the animal's body, and gains access to the circulation. Here it finds every-

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later) a paper giving an account of his travels through Styria, and

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Broders, H. Montgomery and others agreed on a diag-

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indispensable to the situation of affairs. Yet opposed to these accepted applicants

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addressed to the Editors of The American Practitioner and News, Louisville, Ky.

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by Mr. Thompson a list of tumors found and removed,

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the following : — " The king's chronicles state that

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21st, at the age of forty-four years. He was a native of New

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with ragged shreds of sloughy tissue here and there visible, and contains

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and cared-for — classes than Dublin has. Vital statisticians admit

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complains chiefly of weakness and wasting. It is important not to mistake

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ance felt by the percussing fingers, which is sometimes more striking than

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permit of precision here. The poisoning is ascribed to injudicious

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be further protected by confining the rays especially to the area to be

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laboriously picking off all connective tissue surrounding the nerves,

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portions. One to be taken every two hours during the latter

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eight o'clock, when the reception began, there was a line

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finger while pressure is made over the bone." He ad-

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ally a better digestion, as evidenced in two directions, namely,

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firft milk, gently purges and cleanfes the firft ways.

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