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of cerebral activity to narrowly localised centres, but rather widespread

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he had no bad symptoms. There was no return of the joint

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ing acute attack. There is shght fever, oppressed breath-

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necessary to sever his connection with the expedition and

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ligated and severed the carotid ai-tery, and cut the

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fic neuritis which causes paralysis of the muscles of

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brings about explosive combustion, or a spark which immediately excites

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quickly as possible and gave it him to drink; this at

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vants. But, says Grisolle, before we conclude from this fact that there is a special

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Duckworth, Sir Dyce, and Dr. Tooth, two cases of genei*al spastic

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ment, nearly a pound in weight, was removed soon after the

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the value of which physicians seem to have lost sight of to some

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monious evolution and circulation of the nervo-electric fluid in any

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against this method. Adler also reports puncture of the liver in 4 patients,

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Aiiociate Professor of L<iryngoloyy, Phil<ulelphia Polyclinic, etc.

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toms are the same as in any other Peritonitis, only they roll less and

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possible to classify the spinal gangUon cells into functionally

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Ovariotomy, double — spinal anesthesia in a case of. . 442

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what unusual. In such cases the presence of a relatively unimpaired

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Gonorrheal Urethritis. In the acute stage the treatment is hygenic

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may be used together in a tea or syrup, and answer two

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sociates with the affection an organism which he termed strepto-

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galvanic contractibility is also normal. Usually we attach the ex-

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automobiles. He worked first on mechanical brakes, later

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ness 5 ounces. Mix and give 6 gtt 3 times a day. Pov-

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the part of those concerned ; there has been neglect

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rotation, forward on the sound side, backward on the

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outlasts the stimulus for some time and then gives way to a series of

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a comparative state of collapse, occupying but a very small portion

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nating features of the case (cardiac neurasthenia). Gilbert

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of the world can be greatly furthered by the power of man to

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endocarditic insufficiency. Fran^ois-Franck, by producing a lesion of

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Tremor of the head and limbs on movement, associated with



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