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respondents are young gentlemen of talents, zeal, and discretion,

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ale de Mc'decine de Belgique. With a supplement on the ano-

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respiration whatever. Diphtheria, too, like scarlatina, does not

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health has already presented a group of symptoms suggesting that

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force depends, according to Gerhard t, upon the age of the child,

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use of an anaesthetic in labor and chloroform acts as a

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acute secondary sj-philis mistaken for psoriasis, and arsenic had been given in

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sac in. front of the aortic orifice, being, in the opinion of Dr.

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acterize acute splenic tumor, (j) Hemorrhages into the subserous

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pale, back, purplish red ; no froth or bloody matter

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the requisite examination, he at once felt a fragment of iron lodged there,

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sufficient quantity to arouse suspicions of diabetes mellitus.

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lal)l»! w»H calciiliitcd wero 1I2,K.'J7 from coiiHiimplion

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the friction of the fecond tooth afcending, he appeals

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ties is not noticeably less than that of the middle portion of the

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October 6th. Dr. John L. Atlee, Sen., spoke highly of it in puerperal mania,

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able arrest of fecundity had no terrors for her, and was rather a source of

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extension of the head occurs with the result that a larger circum-

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seen (on July 5, 1892,) one month afterward presented two primary indurated



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