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buccal mucous membrane. Bacilli introduced into the stomach may or

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The use of this catheter in cancer patients was prompted

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These figures are reproduced from some of the series exhibited by

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life saved by them? Did they demonstrate the wonderful possibilities

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equality taken, together with many incidents of undoubted humor, but

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iunction as well as of disarranged structure; morbid

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The late Duke of Buccleuch was chairman ; Sir Lyon Playfair,

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accomplished by the sending of proper articles of diet?

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of upper jaw, left side, is a small ulcerated patch on

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Introduction. — No part of the study of vaccination is more serious

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comparing the reports from '24 different districts in Picardy, it ap-

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To this extent, at least, I am still content ''■stare super antiquas r/a*."

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True paroxysms of hepatic colic have been caused by hydatids of

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when descending a hill in double team. They are very

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seems to regard this measure as a necessary one, or at least so firmly

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brought over the opening of a vessel in which carbonic acid was

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J. H. Denny, Boston, Mass. J. W. Sawyer, Providence, R. I.

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indicator." He has found that nearly all bone and gland tuberculosis

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microscope. Hearing is called into play in immediate or intermediate auscul-

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illusion, if such it may be called, most complete to the

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withstanding all that had been recently written in favor of the forceps, its

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to say all forms of treatment must be interdicted during the test period.

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formaldehyde. Or the food stuffs, while normally wholesome

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If tuberculous cattle have been kept in a small yard the litter

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woman plus those conditions caused by the carrying of another

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Charles Brookover. The development of the olfactory nerve and its associated

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upon affections of the genito-urinary passages, and in particular on

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Section 4695 of the Revised Statutes of the United States gives the

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day evening, September 29, 1947, in the Century Room

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3,500,000. She had had intensive antisyphilitic treatment.

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the hemorrhagic and colloid varieties of retinitis albumin is not found

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avoided. The food should be selected with care, and the use



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