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plaining as he goes along the significance of the various
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statutory provision is essential to a intelligent com-
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X-100 in a final concentration of 2x10® cells/ml, followed by
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The sequence of courses recommended for the student during the six quarters
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incentive to many bad deeds which would otherwise have been unthought
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Emeritus Professor. (Eng-.), Professor of Ophthalmology.
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their evil purpose and saved to virtue, motherhood and health.
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result. It seems, however, that they must act locally, as they
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under one roof, and thus made accessible, the smaller
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plained of a state of great debility, which prevented him from taking
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poisoning, while of 772 cases admitted for arthritic disease,
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subject "Modern Gynecology"; also a case of Pneumonia
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or because the culture media had become contaminated or were too dry, the
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nished in metallic tubes arranged so as to throw a fine spray upon
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Fig. 3. — Villus from a tubal mole, showing vesicular
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ruptions and was horribly fcetid. So intense, at times, was the
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also has proved to be of value, but the test is not positive
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rainfall for the jear 1913 at Stirling amounted to 31.90 inches
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ture and refinement of the best modern society. Dr. Lee
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minous tissue. To verify this still further the dog
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University of Pennsylvania (under the direction of Drs. J. S. Billings and
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suppresses the generation of kinins 30 further explains the
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surance, which is a prepayment type of medicine, a pre-
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use in the last Ashanti war on the Gold Coast. The cartridges
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