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the abnormal electrocardiograms and the sclerosis that we found in the
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motives, was run upon the deck of the " Solano," the largest
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1012 — acid reaction ; contained no coagula of fibrin ; coagu-
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and is warmed, moistened, and filtered to some extent from <lusf
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36 Controversies in Measles Immunization Recommendations
syphilis " is used to denote a series of symptoms arising from the action
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Davis, William B., Captain and Assistant Surgeon (U. S.
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" There is less excitement during the administration, and a more
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is still living. A preparation and diagram from Dr. Murray's case were
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in headache powders, chloral hydrate in drink cure?; belladonna, ergot
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formed at 'the site of perforation, and caused death by
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pressure in the right iliac region. The region of the gall-
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occur among football and rugby players. Sixty-six percent of the cervical
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arities was 1831, after which date his pictures, Dr. Liebreich
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ment of portions of the brain structure, characterized by
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ment of clear and definite rules of treatment. Much is
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heart stopped, which always occurred within three hours, if at all.
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still he will find the question suggested whether these advan-
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3. Deep-hidden pockets deprived of oxygen are their
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of the bullet, as a foreign body in the chest, does not appear to add to the
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of troops as well as evacuation of wounded take place along
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the boundaries of respective areas, for areas which are in closest prox-
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Such is apparently the actual case with some of the patho-
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passing the left hand up to the right, or else by pulling all the four
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Editing and Publishing Committee does not hold itself responsible for views expressed either in
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cut to health, in our intermittent and remittent cases, than was ob-
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4. Unpleasant secondary effects, viz : excitement, temporary delu-
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neoplasmic theory having failed of popular acceptance largely because
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while his new chair would only necessitate one weekly lecture.
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on the contents of a hernial protrusion exercised by their
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but a short distance from my office ; the messenger, a young
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guinea-pigs. All the rabbits had infected parents on
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beneath the artificial muscle. (5) Its use does not immobilise the
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ing loss, suffering and death everywhere. Careful research
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tains the germ of the later appliance. Hubert solved the problem,



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