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Psoriatic Arthritis Sulfasalazine


arranging the cases, as it has already been mentioned in
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the affection of uncut horses, and is caused by relaxation
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fact was, their death was caused by canker on the stom-
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J. H. Lowman, J. B. McGee, H. Pomeroy, H. G. Sherman.
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and 13.25 hours after the last dose. Previous to the appearance of
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in influenza are greatly understated. To supf>ort this contention, I
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who were unable to bear the round pad, I think it has
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phate, whence it should be given in less doses ; a teaspoonful
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secreted the urine, but subsisted in some abnornal composition
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Mayo Foundation, University of Minnesota. Illustrated.
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A stall of sufficient length is very properly insisted upon
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lieves that the affection can be treated most effi-
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immediately preceding, and then only by a vote of three fourths of the
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for example, I have seen it in the humerus after excision of the wrist.
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With sick hogs, use plenty of No. 2. I often use one
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takes place from the stomach during normal digestion. The albumoses
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results of opotherapy that this idea took shape, and seemed to us
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complications were seen in only nine cases out of the 49.
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applied. " If it causes pain it is wrong and must be loosened."
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Even in severe lesions involving the membranes of the brain
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favourably, becomes closed by ordinary fibro-cellular cicatricial
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experiment further confirms the preceding one, in that it shows that by
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during that time. They shall receive a two-thirds vote of the members present
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"adenia," it will be sufficient to study the glandular affection as a
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surgeons of tlie realm), subordinate to whom are 32 medical
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an exudation of lymph, which ultimately becomes firm, when it
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The society consists of Fellows of the Massachusetts
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mistaken during one of its acute or advancing phases for tuberculous
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deprived of its carbolic acid by treatment with soda. This acid, in a 70 per j
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a widely extended country, comprehending in its circle the torrid
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it is sometimes difficult to distinguish sutures and vascular
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accomplished by the sending of proper articles of diet?
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smallpox. Physicians who see the case are let in in small squads, a few
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tion on the house staff of the New York Eye and Ear Infirmary.
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No boy or girl should be permitted to enter upon a business
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for the Public Health diploma. The demands of the syllabus, in this regard, are fuUy
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to do was to get her back to the barn, and to climb the hill and



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