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the united action of the active movements of the foetus
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^sions made a really satisfactory closure out of the ques-
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in an outstanding place to live. Please send CV to Paul
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Henry M. Field, M. D. r Professor of Materia Medica and Thera-
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kidneys. Since that time a sliglit strain from exertion
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do the other in deeds of bravery and daring. Though
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Dr. Beaumont Small is President this year of the Ottawa
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course of the day. The part had been cauterized several
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also an elongation and driving back. The part of the sacral seg-
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1858, when the University Act was passed, be has had a seat in
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equal results. During my viaita to variouB hospitajs in Amarioa
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scribe, are excellent remedies in the dyspepsia of chronic gastritis.
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ed to be dismissed. She however died suddenly three days afterwards — no dls«
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patient to a hospital and away from sympathizing friends.
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from causes which could not possibly be connected with marsh
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mucous membrane. It is probable that the peculiar epithelial formations
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Mechanism of the prolapse. — The mucous membrane of the
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aggregate of killed and wounded, as exhibited below, is much greater.
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the bone. The arachnoid over the interpeduncular space was opaque and
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" telepathy " was discovered. The record of the ex-
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on the gigantic scale of the war from which we have just emerged has
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to its descent, when a truss has to be worn subsequent to the operation as a
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cases have not died under such a plan, therefore there- is every
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suria will get well by the above method with the addition of alteratives and
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Father, mother, sister, uncle, aunt died of Consump-
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of diltiazem and beta-blockers. Resting heart rate is usually unchanged



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