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sound mind and body fail in the matter of estate, nor

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powers usually remain intact until the fatal termination, which

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from four to five lines, occasionally a little more, from the

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I have to say is simply as a Fellow of the Academy, and

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eating bring on the various derangements of the stomach, known by

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tremely rare, yet a recent author (Forest, American Joumai of

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previous operation and endeavor to keep the openings of sufficient capacity

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the countenance of the child appeared lively, and that the blood

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The figures in the two tables on p. 612, showing the progressive mor-

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amputated below the knee. As T. M. was within a fortnight of receiving

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Uses: Epilepsy, Uterine Congestion, Headache, and all

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domestic cat, x 153. (After Hirst, Ann. Mag. Nat. Hist. xx. 1917.)

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must be granted ; as well as that it tends to evaporate when

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ague. One of these was that of a lady residing in the Isle of Sheppy, who with slight

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the proper prophylaxis sharply to their attention; and hence

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Schroeder also tells how he modifies his operation in the

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with increased appetite. "We direct the patient to keep himself

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7 Great Marlborough Street, W. A moderate degree of myopia

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of having confused ideas of mine and thine — in fact it affords

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prescribes, surrenders himself to follow a life of deception ;

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tumour was interposed between that organ and the tumour in the

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and tlu' j)atients had all recovered. Kela|ises did not

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the lung parenchyma. Alexander and Follet, 6 in discussing generalized

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While most had been referred by their obstetrician, other

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the chief luminaries of the Italian schools ; Sylvius

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