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anyone who had not seen this useful procedure would find it diflicult

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satisfactorily if influenced by factors of natural ventilation.

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The other parts of the work are admirable. It is a marvel to

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on the bottle, on the inside at least, since last April, waiting pa-

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comatose from the effects of opium ; pulse 140 ; skin dry and hot ; coun-

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classed amongst them. Gentlemen, strive not only to be

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clusive of phthisis and morbus cordis; the latter or 7je^ being, as

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pain became more severe, and dyspeptic symptoms manifested

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oncology, spinal surgery, epilepsy surgery. Gamma Knife radiosurgery and pediatric

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We now come, lastly, to the subject of fractures of the base, almost

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it is a disease which produces from twenty-five to forty per cent

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frequently involve immediate danger ; and when not treated promptly

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the disappointment caused by our failures. But the successes are

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cause of this kind, either present or past, for under suitable discipline

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50 (Jakenbouitz), or iodine in iodide of potass. Iodine, 2

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to which the cases are subjected, the fewer are the " cures,"

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do not succumb to the disease like animals of more advanced

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it. My fiatient had noticed it that day for the first

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In 18 16 I became a Fellow of the Royal Society ; my

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Many horses show speed when they strike their gaitj

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what he knows on the subject of any of the above questions, the com-

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ogy in Psychiatry. Assistant Attending Psychologist,

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oedema may suggest nephritis, but it is not associated with albuminuria as



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