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under our immediate supervision with the disease in an

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using these remedies at longer intervals. We cannot forbear

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pressure was 110-70. Some paresthesias and hyperalgesias were discovered,

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\hR Annual of the Universal Medical Sciences, 1888,

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jaw. He would scrape only what he calls the fibrous

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acid gas ?) at Crookes's suggestion, that he saved every one of which he

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was held in the college library, where photographs were exhibited,

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clinical g\Ti£ecology. Of clinical as distinct from systematic, which

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years; but was not treated with that aflPection a child ex-

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for 1891, p. 107. — 14. Raymond. Sevue neurologigue, 1893, torn. i. p. 98. — 15.

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106. On Virgin and Humanized Lymph. Dr. Benjamin Lee Ill

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Dr. C. E. Park, McGill, '88, is evidently of the same opinion,

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the lungs there was clear resonance, except at both bases

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IS to remain for several days without any other dres-

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You’ll get to use those skills you've gained through the years of

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About twelve or fifteen years ago "saturated tinctures"

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cism that can justly be made is that there is almost too much mat-

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once a day, and finally two or three times a week. After the

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Pepsin, while in Peter's Peptic Essence Compound we have

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performed. June 16 : The wound is nearly healed, and it measures only

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» A Study of llie Adaptatiou of the X-Hay8 to Medical Practice, by

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accomplished his object, he then paid less attention to beauty, and

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tonos, in which the body is bent forward instead of backwards,

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Prescott, Wis. Joel C. Hultkrans, M.D. Dorothy M. Most, R.N.

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With regard to the locality of stricture of the colon, Treves gives the

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lation? Has it occurred in the experience of Dr. Stille, or are well

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Leipz., v. 26, n. F., v. 6 (5), Mai, pp. 284-296. [MS. dated 15. Juni 1904.]

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nterval wall or side, which does not become level with the rest uniil

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considerable period of time, in fact for some years, I have availed

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— Jersey State Medical Underwriters, Inc bt419, 604

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ter, and hopes it will not be permitted to rest where it

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The incubation period, like that of Texas Fever, is about



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