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hemorrhages from mucous surfaces; (2) inflammations of serous membranes;
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would take place at every pain, and the condition was quite
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almost universally, but are differentiated in situ from the meso-
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Dublin County Borough, classified according to age and
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currents of electricity, or of massage or vibration, will be
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was made, the symptoms and their singular grouping had received no
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visits to Janina, the capital at that time of Ali Pasha's
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harmful animal." This testimonial to the well-known Hirudo medicmalis is only just m
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Designed for the use of Students and Practitioners of Medicine,
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only. The applicant in all other particulars must comply with the laws
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obscure. Mr. Gamgee contends that the most common cause of
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patient at St Thomases Ho^tal on the 6th of NovenU>er, 1857. She stated that she had been
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hypothesis and he has, in his lectures, pointed out to
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We may now consider what becomes of the sugar that is retained by
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and enjoyments of fully conscious (wakeful) life have been by no means
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figure 58; 444, the early-swimming stage, figure 59.
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and ereptic ferments. Of course, when we are dealing with a definite
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little more was required for the obstructed heart to become quite
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posterior tibial, anterior tibial and peroneal veins
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period of seven months, when it began slowly to enlarge,
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to the skin, 34 were regarded as terminating in the myotomes, and
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examination, or were pursuing a different career; taking the
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attacks of ague. The former disease cured ; the latter still in progress :
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The conditions as concerns pneumococcus are similar, though not
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thus confining their work to the glands primarily involved we cut the
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existed as late as 1804, near the head of the Serpentine on its east
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to the same condition. Both muat be rendered soluble
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surgeon, and to dwell rather on abstruse and recondite branches,
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that for the full appreciation of that faculty commonly



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