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whom it is performed there is scarcely one that wants
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lower altitude these factors decrease, but a secondary
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the body, the blow will probably be heavier and the shock greater
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general practice. He had himself twelve years' experi-
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4. Brezin A, Girard B, Rosenheim M, Marcel P, Gentilini M, Le Hoang P: Cotton-
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did in that era of sanctity, dirt, and scientific darkness.
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expansion of the lungs with air. He describes this in the above-mentioned
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the inner portion of the optic thalamus usually cause haemorrhages near
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I. Simple Primary Spastic Paralysis, sometimes called Lateral Sclerosis,
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history of Thomsonianism, too precious to !»■ lost.
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purchase of materials, and by the redistillation of alcohol, a
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impending in bruised structures, both hard and soft, which
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Clinical Research; the Western Society for Pediatric Research; the Western Region, Society for Investigative Dermatology.
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IV. On the Operatio?i of Caning the Urethra in the Perinceum. By Thomas
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solvents. When boiled with 1 : 1 hydrochloric acid, it yields the
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advantage. Neither do we think it commendable that pomposity of
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with very little bronchial catarrh, local treatment is
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Other causes of acquired stenosis are surgical procedures
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Cochran, 1st Iowa Oivalry, H. W. Davis, 16th Illittols Yols., J. U.
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be regretted. If the horse is to be kept in a stall, make a
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Chlorate of potash and tannin explode if triturated ; as do
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I)i:. .1. II. Murray reported the case of a man who
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membranes (in cerebro-spinal meningitis I have seen the most
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** Mr., on the treatment of psoas and other large abscesses 177



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