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etc., are not assimilated l»y the blood, and acid and

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Fairfield Counties, had .suggested a change in the ratio of represent- j

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on the saccular theory, emphasise the fact that the essential point

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ing to the welfare, best care, management, and medical

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determining the curative powers of these substances, which, as will

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culous fowls and found from 1,010,000-2,600,000 red cells and

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way of explanation of these cases is that one is predisposed to

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lucid and more perfect than that under consideration. Dr.

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extreme, suddenly supervening feebleness, attended sometimes with

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of fracture, may be those of concussion, compression, or laceration.

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preference usually given by painstaking practitioners to

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miration of him, just in proportion to the thorough-

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his stable ; for it necessarily happens that out of a

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ing there is a fall in the total nitrogen eliminated, and that this is followed

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reason, too, we have neither dilatation nor hypertrophy of the

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to abstain for a time at least from all nitrogenous food. Hygiene in many

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allowance is made for the greater number of cases of pneumonia which

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and systolic murmur. Aortic cartilage : Rasping systolic murmur con-

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