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ger. A copious bleeding seemed absolutely indicated, but on exam-

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curved vanes which drive the air at right angles to the general plane

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On the 15th of May, 1871, after she was thoroughly etherized I)y Dr.


tite, sometimes nausea or even vomiting, headache, and pain in muscles and

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A resolution was presented by Drs. Martin, Nattress and

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take to say are poisons. Alcohol is the " active principle" of sugar and

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be remembered, that the arterial blood sent from the heart first ascends,

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Velocity and kinetic energy of bullets in motion, note 9, p. 97.

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as a refuge for syphilitics and as a means of teaching

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minutes on each of three successive days." As was to be expected, it

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from such actions. We very much doubt if the bot can, at any

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we are bound to help them on humanitarian and even selfish grounds.

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presents clearly-defined characters in distinct elemen-

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Within the last year, he has had two attacks of inflam-

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always enough elastic "give" to ligament, cartilage, and

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started, was beyond the reach of direct methods of an-

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absolutely necessary, before you enforce any such thing

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(Confederate), was wounded at the battle of South Moun-

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a full meal increases the epigastric disease, and so, as a rule, he eats,

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inversely proportional to the cooling effect of the atmosphere. Thus,

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her hands anoint it with oil or sweet butter, and therewith

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and secretions, hypergesthesia, liability to eruptions and ulcera-

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spite of these absolute inaccuracies, however, the relative figures may be

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continued from the pupillary arc along the margins of the pillars of



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