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these two. Take the three rails, 2x2, 6y 2 feet long, that
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16. Mann, F. C. and Williamson, C. S.: The Experimental Production of Peptic
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Morton Prince, have introduced the subject to their respec-
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has an adequate supply of reserve fuel in the form of
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Beitrag zur supravaginalen Absetzung des Uteruskorpers.
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otomy and the introduction of a tube long enough to reach
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Two years later he took a similar position at the State Hospital
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The brain itself now becomes compressed so that on opening the
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in some central position. Some of the inhabitants should be pre-
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ledge of sanitation has been acquired by those who have been medical
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quantities of acid. We always use as standard material isoelectric
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anaesthetic, because, if it had not been administered, the girl
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rhagicum," whereas the discharged follicle does not necessarily give
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paration of senna and that it was entirely free from danger. With
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Aminoglutethimide is an inhibitor of adrenal cortical
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State aspects of tuberculosis; (2) tuberculosis in its pathologic and



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