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purchased in January at public sale from a dairyman residing near

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me of his curious observations ; and then, we, in our turn, adminis-

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may be given, as circumstances require. Cases of urethral fever

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time in life, but you must remember that in these days we have a

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of them. This section was not intended for the serious minded long faced

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Drugs given in disease are, not unfrequently, for the most

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There was no evidence of any recent inflammation in

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quickly than in unprepared cases, regardless of whether

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tions often lose their senses for a time and make unreasonable demands,

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means of Gehrung's pessary, or a small india-rubber

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Dr. Howard also remarked that out of many cases which he has

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introduced by the Gaelic speaking emigrants to Canada. It is

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tleman in Davidson Co., Tenn., writes : — "lam doing very well, myself. The pains in

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In New York State with its enormous wealth, the last

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second. In chronic prostatitis, always in hypertrophy of the

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extensor surfaces. Bluish white islands of cartilage are seen through-

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stones per vias naturales, but it was reserved for our

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If spinal fluid Wassermann positive, treat as nerve syphilis ;

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Our case, however, went to full term and was safely delivered.

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vius, so far from constituting a division between the anterior and middle lobes,

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These observations of Liston's seem to me to amount very nearly

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1. Matriculation fee. — (a) The matriculation fee is $10.00, and is required

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extremes measured being 8.6// and 15.2/i. Mast cells are some-

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the thumb and little finger, the suppurative inflammation



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