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mixed with 3 lbs. nice welding sand, and use it the same as
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The conditions as concerns pneumococcus are similar, though not
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in the chart curve, surgical intervention was seen to be necessary.
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frequently involve immediate danger ; and when not treated promptly
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and that provisions of all kinds had been furnished to him.
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a mild dose of physic to prevent his heels flying, or his getting
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oedema in the cellular tissue or any varicose dilatation of the subcutaneous
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catarrh of the stomach, but I believe that the percentage is
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anesthetic now states that he has not u.sed it for two years, although
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This definition excludes the fits of hysteria, epilepsy, gross disease of
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soon be possible to secure the necessary skill. It will be
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course, direct in one arm, and inverse in the other ; and we have frequently seen
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The action of small doses of atropin in eliminating the arrhythmia
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the discussion which followed. Dr. Shirley spoke of the
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year, as to the larger denominations, will run from fifty to
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Aselstant-Snrgeon N. K, Olatfeltor, U.S. Y., to the Beserve Artlllerj, 9th
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nately for the institution, and for the credit of the
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bers of the British Association, at the late meeting in Edinburgh,
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Wassermann reaction for syphiHs. Pituitary treatment was tried for
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additional hypothesis — only as hypothetical — on tho action of
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portion of whose body is securely protected, must be con-
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symptoms are commoner in "women, and the intestinal in men ; that the
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double action, (a) Mechanical, by washing away the micro-organisms,
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to establish a seasonal variation in Boston ; and in this country
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a late stage and when the specific character of the process has passed, then
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home, and a week or two later attempted to resume his ordinary
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tenant, May 10, 1917, and after doing full duty in this country for a year went
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instability, and the more unstable the protoplasm is, the
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study the conditions on the spot. Von Leyden, Kirchner, and



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