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dix, and was accurately moulded to the little muscular eminences. The clot

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disseminates throughout the body should confine itself as in

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much shorter as to time, and made when the world was

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^as the philosopher doth say) if our minds be strongly fixed

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spots should be mentally mapped out by the patient,

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application. All the powers and faculties should be cultivated

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hogs, and especially breeders. By complying with these

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the researches of Marx and Sticker in 1902, it is admitted that

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Notoedric Mange of Rabbits.— In the case of rabbits,

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seems stupid, pulse weak and irregular, pupils contracted.

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complex structure, and as it withstands heat, it can not be an enzyme.

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as now, there were quite as many physicians here as the wants of the

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anatomy, physiology, and pathology, make guys of them-

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sant sensations disappear. The bowels are confined, but rarely ope-

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of the science of many of the common facts with which

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taneous and As-Vs'=QS)AS, one ventricular extrasystole, one normal beat, one

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trated blade which we have used for the main part of

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portant it is for the dairyman of to-day and the consumer to

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collapsed over the base of the skull. There had been great dis-

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be often inappropriately employed. The articulation of such words, or

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filter the solution into the same glass, occasionally adding

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nute detail the methods and uses of the different elec-

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exciting influences of excessive labor and ovrr-excrtion, as the

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we have but little control, and which we call constitu-

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"in comparison with that loss, all other bereavements are trifles. The

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crudely chipped from a piece of frost-fractured flint I picked up on a walk

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Gregory of Tours tells of incubation in connection with

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aesthesia of the rectum. On my introducing my finger he

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tic agents aided chemical action by a peculiar molecular vibration which



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