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slightly yellowish in color, and darker in centre than about edges, which are
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2. Bat yery mnch depends on the mechanism of the iotra-aterine
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pox, erysipelas, pneumonia, peritonitis, endocarditis and
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acetum digitalis in combination with wine of pepsin.
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nothing more likely to produce abortion in pregnancy than the ad-
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which I knew to be properly fed. To my joy and surprise,
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record book : ^^ Here is a case in which the deposit is abundant, and has
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Federal Public Health Administration. Reprint 112, Public Health
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Fig. 68. Diagram to show the innervation cf the heart in the frog or turtle. The electrodes
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colder than that of New Englan(|, New York and Illinois,
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in the hospital are conducted four days a week. This tends to acquaint
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he seemed to be in a confused or stupid state of mind, refused to answer
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should not be removed for a week. There is nothing new in
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notice of what is going on around it, and wears the vacant expression of
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of No. 2, one teaspoon of No. 3, and one-half of a tea-
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entirely explained on anatomic grounds, and must depend, therefore,
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able are put on general detail instead of being retained in the wards
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one among the ablest advocates for the treatment of
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it is largely excreted by the liver and intestinal glands, it stimu-
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symptoms are so fully detailed as to leave no doubt
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rated by the kidneys. It appears then equally incorrect and irra-
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seven members of a family were simultaneously affected, it is only
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Jour., June 21) it is stated by Dr. Reimers, in his 11th and 12th
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