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gait, would be in favour of the situation of lesion in the cerebellum.

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Rinderpest and Foot and Mouth Disease ; infection is a slow

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It is commonly supposed that riding, and particularly on horse-

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in microscopic Plates L and IL, and in the chemical analysis

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have appropriately termed the elbows of liquor topers), must not

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and more frequent. The headache, with which the attack began,

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in the " Journal of Nervous and Mental Diseases," and that on

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Subdivisions of the subject of army hospital organisation.

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directly with the nasal fossae, and through the latter with

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sure was elicited here and over the left iliac fossa. Pain and tender-

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and though some impatient men have essayed, as it wore, to

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5. The probability of sepsis after operation is increased if

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12, 1876, Dammau removed a small piece of flesh from the shoulder.

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left visual word-centre from the half-vision centre of its own side as well

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Gibson, Gary Eugene. Professor of Neuroscience. B.S.

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nancy, the two previous pregnancies having ended in abortion.

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improve the nervous condition, but the progress is very gradual.

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deserted their altars, and while thieves in broad day-

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Gentlemen: In the name of the Council, and as chair-

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bowel at this point. The perforations were made on the anti-mesenteric

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the most characteristic properties of the tertian parasite is the rapidity

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an intense scrofulous diathesis, does not appear to be greater in

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nostril being completely stopped ; the eye was unaffected.


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necticut, and Lake Erie, (part of which is included

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{)utrefaction ; while in the last place, owing to the great absorption of water in the

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stages; a plan which is convenient, to say the least. During

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of the subjective symptoms. His own opinion was that the third of

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if a meningitis be excited. Epileptiform convulsions are often noted, and

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milk, including also as far as possible an inquiry into the health of the

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duce the quantity of the circulating fluids, to avoid all irritants, and

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established that there is an increased amount of uric acid in the

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can be said to be exempt from malaria, so at no season can it be said to

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and hsemorrhage from the mouth and bowels may occur. To this form,

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become necrosed. The inflammation which precedes the

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