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their spasmodic exertions against Thomsonism origi-
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Books and essays without number, and of great value, have been
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Took a severe cold last winter, which left a, sever*
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A chemically similar drug in this class produced optic nerve degeneration (Wallerian degeneration of reti-
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10. The patient during this time is left in a recumbent position, and attended
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Epidemic diseases, periods of infection in. By W. Squire 32
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for two years, and was at firft confidered as a rheu-
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were a few infarcts here and there. The liver was also enlarged.
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were practiced with the liquid taken from the pustules presented
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have shown themselves in January, 1887. There is said
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The presence of steapsin in the urine is proof of fat necrosis,
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esis. Such degenerative changes, if occurring in a con-
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doubt that the bullet which had passed through the man's coat
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the pulsilogum of Galileo and the balance. Nothing can be added
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the death-rate was 20.6. Deaths reported 3,647 : infants under
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Gangrene of the Cord. — Is incurable, as it is never discovered
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normal fatness, is inherited. Several lines of evidence can be
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to the study of eosinophilia, by Charles E. Simon, M.D.
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state-wide public relations conference — the annual Work-
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that to re-obtain the entire amount of lost material
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force depends, according to Gerhard t, upon the age of the child,
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December 17, with no hyperglycemia, but moderate glycosuria (the
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seen when the skull is opened during life, it is difficult to come
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Trenton, New Jersey State Department of Health, 1978. ,
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repeated cultivation of an organism on artificial mediums or its passage
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