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which have never been kept. The natives, according to the Phila-
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I am thinking, however, of making an abstract of my
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pre-existent symptomatology, and are explained in the* text.
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excretion was very high until after the crisis, when the 24 hour values
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similar to that met with in arteries. The cause of this is unknown, but
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rapidly growing one. He also mentioned that he had found
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The edge of the liver was felt about two inches below the
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smooth paste with a little cold water, pour on it half-a-
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records iu detail the results of his experiments on the
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warm or cold, milk, oil, or mucilage, which, by simply diluting
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* " Celerum vel acutarum Passionum Libri tres." Parisiis
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bably begun during intra-ut<;rine life, continued after birth
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Avith the haemoglobin of the blood, imparling to that fluid a bright
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neglect my old pulse-pressure gauge ; but I have lately been
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devoted to the Greek particle ; if our youth were taught to
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are not fully accessible to present chemical and biological methods. The
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require to be destroyed. Steel instruments dipped in
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dependent upon some accidental disturbance in the mechanism
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low these fanciful titles, which are fatal to all scien-
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or father of a family had a herbal medicine chest. In
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vidually, there is no reason why the posterior part of the urethra
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10 to 20 per cent, in the hemoglobin following the use
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thy, and perhaps 1 should apologize to the profession
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In our last number we left off as we were about to outer on
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importance of my topic. Personally, I do not think so, for polio-
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Coming events cast their shadows before and as the year grew
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use of the botanic alteratives and anti-rheumatic remedies,
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morning visit a temperature of 103f°, the same at night,
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consider this to be. For my own part, I like plenty of room,^
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refused, saying that he would die any way, and they



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