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visited the place. No city has nobler scope for future extension. Whether
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trophy of tlie walls of the f»ut. liosides this IcHion,
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(a) Headache. — This is an early, if not the earliest, indication of
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course is familiar to all of us. I think there is a wide
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eJNICATIONS are invited from all parts of the world.
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adjusted to the ability and condition of the patient, is in
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clonus were both very evident, the former particularly so'
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to air embolism. Did we not know how long it takes new knowledge, espe-
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how much or how little reliance is to be placed on the state-
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rhoea, and expectorates a great deal of tough, tenacious mucus.
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notoriety. Science has been trying to brace up the womb with
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plants. They are called essential oils from the fact that they pos-
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moved ; the fistulous opening waa perfectly closed. A Btillicidium
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does not produce the same marked vasoconstriction that it produces in
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the mortality is high among the negroes; but these are the most careless in
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Achilles reflexes which could not be elicited. Plantar and abdominal reflexes
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filled with clear, transparent serum ; on being pricked a small quantity of
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with occlusion of the pupil also in two cases. Capsulitis fol-
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is appended. These consist of myomata, congestive dysmenor-
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ing ulcer is injured, profuse hemorrhage may occur.
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that by Mr. Rovvntree on November 27, 1913, and that by Professor Pigou on January 19,
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cedure — an axillary portion which should be first carried
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acids from intestinal contents. That the entire mass of products, aside
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the gas bacillus. The demonstration of the gas bacillus in this case, there-
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to deprecate newspaper writing is to be deplored. Lilian Bell's best
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geon acquires reputation ; and consequently, when the family
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vertically, the left about 3"5 ctms. The greatest antero-posterior
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form of a figure 8. The animal did not appear to like this con-
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" diplitheria had become endemic, and the persistency
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are tortuous and abundantly anastomosing, so that the



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