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little shortened, and the cure is attained in as many weeks as it

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and systolic murmur. Aortic cartilage : Rasping systolic murmur con-

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lowed and the " tolerance " of the particular individual

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reached the Hospital, he was cold, very livid, and a good deal cramped.

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•5892(42) Massee, G. British fungus flora. 4 vols.

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fitness of transports for the troops to be carried in them, the

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those of the cramp in the belly, and about the navel, it is a

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often met with — that of ear-rings. When the lobe is pierced and a

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first Monday in May in the year 1908, w^ithout having first complied with

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eating bring on the various derangements of the stomach, known by

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proved homes on a very large scale. Their report of 1891

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times internal version was perfonned, and once the forceps

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t)ush the foreign body into the trachea. Dr. Plscat, of

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in a luxmber of cases, that immediately after an epiJei)-

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symptoms (such as digestive disturbances, vomiting,

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position and most serviceable limb. These were mostly

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In the case of wounds of the scrotum merely the integuments may

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unless careful attention be paid to the rhythm, there

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years. A convenient summary of the evidence is included in the treatise on Health

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by an attack of convulsions. This intense form of the disease is

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mander, and municipal officer of Paris. But we do not find his

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be derived by a correct knowledge of my discoveries;

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able number of minute, grayish, cohesive bodies were found on the

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1862 g. — Ueber einige Untersuchungen niederer Seethiere aus Cette. [Abstract

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old adage is true here, as always, that " There is room

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the Taunus, and with results which appear as satis-

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the real nature of the injuries. The wounds were not diagnosed, as affect-

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rhages within the joint capsule (considered to be very rare by

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the subjective symptoms of iritis, although the dis-

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gastric irritation, and profuse diarrhoea resembling new cider. Prescrib-

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the existence of a tumor of the mediastinum" (Dieulafoy).

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