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is only visible if the colours are particularly vivid. It is a notable

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conducted a very extensive series of experiments on the effects of the ligature

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tion has been added, to the action of sunlight, or diffuse daylight ; if grain

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While it is admitted that we can found little upon mere sup-

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irritating qualities as well as of taste and smell;

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Bone and joint cases give excellent results if not too l.ii

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exist. Inflammations of these cavities arise from either trauma-

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Irrigated land has a great many advantages over land

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I once thought that the aggravated ardent bilious re-

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this, the discharge takes place from the lower out-

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cient to keep the membrane in a soft, moist and pliable

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(lass activities. She has made many Friends al I Fahnemann

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tics, emetics, and the mechanical removal of the fluid by tapping

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of the AMA 12-point medical and public health advance-

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axillary line, downwards to the fourth space, and upwards to under the

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canal, producing compression of the cord or of the spinal

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of this virtue so essential to the physical, mental and moral

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one might assume the role of teacher if he saw fit,

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some difiiculty in knowing what the liquid really was.

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upon the arrival of the patient that sea bathing was not allowed.

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repair is fully made. Should it be in any way different if there

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low spots in the bottoms are left filled with stagnant water, which the

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appendicitis have turned out at operation to be duodenal ulcer.

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a greater part of Mr. Braid's assertions were seriously true ; among

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etc., and may be applied either in fine powder or in solu-

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