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The poison is communicable only by the air and local sur-
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a dark olive colour, her complexion having originally
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and precepts stimulated him to an interest in obstetrics and
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ries; from this time the patient began to improve rapidly. She wore
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turpentine. The latter was chosen because it is an intense irritant without imme-
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to confirm our observations. In fact tl^e results have been so encour-
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Waller, on "The Electrical Action of the Human Heart" ;
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by no lucky find in the field, but only by the slow ap-
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showed a very large amount of albumin and numbers of very
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which are foreign to it even though they may be severely injured by
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drawn the sooner will they slough away ; indeed, sutures
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A chapter is devoted to the spread of the disease by means of
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much as two liters in a considerable number of cases.
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degenerated epithelial cells. They have no clinical significance, and rapidly
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physician engaged in a national practice like mine, and who may be* con-
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Huntington, Henry K., New Rochelle. Westchester Co. Original.
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I presented myself to the Society, paid my initiation fee of two dollars,
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was made. Two cases of tachycardia of unknown origin (Nos. 19 and
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terms " secondary " and " tertiary " as applicable to the incidence of the
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in the Chicago Medical Times, closes a well-written
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a higher merit than the only one of having administered chloroform, or having seen it
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toxin for the soluble toxin of the diphtheria and tetanus bacillus respectively.
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cooling and carries off gas. It should be pure, that is,
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• Provide leadership in the school's effort to represent and collaborate with others in our diverse,
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I HAVE prescribed Peacock's Bromides advantageously in a number of cases of
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latent infection (zoster) might increase the incidence of zos-
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etiology and pathogenesis, general pathology has been relega-
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Mr. Clark said that Professor Cleland had touched on so
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there is no other grain available in sufficient quantity; but



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