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sternal head of the sterno-mastoid and upper edge of the sternum, felt
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and presented peculiar changes in the liver and bile. The bile contained the
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house, so the best way to get rid of me was to put me in
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common foot trouble is laminitis, but quittors from injured
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in the third case was more difficult, for even aner the hydatid character of the
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W hat becomes of the swallowed air? Not being permitted,
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but later on the sputum dries, and in this condition the still
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tantly with the disease, or just preceding it, should not be regarded
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traction, he said that with the sanction of Drs. Isaac
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mixed culture into rabbits was followed by a nonsuppurative arthritis ;
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5 Miltheiluiigoii aus Klinikeu der Schwelz, Hiisol, 1898.
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Certain conditions are thought to confer relative immunity, among which
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prove that nodular rheumatism may show itself in patients who
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for which various applications had been made to the head.
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per minute. Both fore-feet are usually advanced, and, on apply-
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Petrie {Journal of Pathology and Bacteriology, June, 1902)
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the trouble than he did, but he did better with his patient. This
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not be of much use in a diagnostic point of view, as the other
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The attack-rate in persons not vaccinated was . ,94
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Beer,^ in a lengthy work, directs attention principally to the
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ranged ri.<tl, simply for diagnostic examination of
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is sometimes associated with Ansemia. But it seems that it
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fol. 1 3 ,col,i , lin,i , ;/f ff) quo in fe confiderato fine matre fui, terra
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The French were for a long time more precise than ourselves in
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Treatment. Give at once twenty-five drops of the tincture
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must present at the same time a diploma from an accepted high
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Botany, and other branches, under distinguished teachers,
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it dots not require general anaesthesia; (5) that it
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the catharsis a hot mustard foot bath should be administered, and the
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extending around McBurney's point for about 7cm. The sensi-
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and I had the help of a very intelligent and interested
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