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jects of treatment. *' We may assert, as au axiom in the practice of medicine,
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guts, especially several sorts of worms found in them <Phil. Tr., Lond. (1672)
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a frightfully "poisonous" composition is the human system ! Had the wisdom of
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is moistened with liquid nitrate of silver, forty grains to the ounce.
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hand from different parts of the South and West, com-
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eye became almost completely blind. The patient can see the fingers at only 10
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The Lamp : " This exceptionally interesting book is from the prac-
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the body in the discharges from the intestinal and genito-
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epistaxis from the right nostril had occurred — the nostril by which,
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abundance of food materials, superior fibres for his various
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tained by some as to the depressing effects of emetics ; but the
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excluded from the stomach, if possible, and feeding be done
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hemorrhages from mucous surfaces; (2) inflammations of serous membranes;
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records are required to be kept in a special book kept for this purpose,
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to make it tense in front. The trocar, held in the right hand with
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Experiment No. X. — Stovaine in spinal canal. Standard opera-
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syphilis in such persons. Of 165 female breast-cancer patients
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72. Cicuta Maculata. Wild poison Hemlock, 5, 2. n. o. Umbilliferae.
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be discovered that the true cause of the results obtained
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method used and the extent of the tuberculous lesions. For in- :.
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kept in captivity. The bacillus, Avhich has been separated from tlie
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in each. Of the total number vaccinated, sixty-five
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1830. Dr. E. II. Bishop, Influence of Moral Emotions on Disease.
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was made difficult by fear of rupturing the cicatrix, if the bladder was
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clude it from the safe operations in obstetrics, on the score of impracticability.
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Keep the patient in bed for one week; keep the bowels open, and
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bacteriology has already rendered signal service to practical
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(xvii.) for prohibiting or regulating the movement of animals, and



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