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cause of death, produced in its earlier progress many
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In a series of cases, numbering 24, of pseudomembranous inflammations
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in pure culture in congested, oedematous, and inflamed areas in the lungs. It
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wrong information, would become a straightforward and well-regulated
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rhoeal secretion presents the appearance of decayed or vitiated mucus,
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symptoms of pulmonary solidification and associated disease of
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and the same thing, yet there is one remark, as to its
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Indeed it is one of the greatest inconsistencies of
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iDilar weakness and want of energy of the mucous membrane
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omental tag was at once followed by escape of intestinal contents.
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generally given for those who may be unfamiliar with a particular item. The purpose is to assist busy practitioners,
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carbolic acid and powdered opium). Where the destruc-
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acids in human blood are mainly oleic and palmitic.
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A wire cage is generally considered the best kind in
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airy, and commodious ; they may vie with any in the
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A third case is reported, in which an abdominal tumor was found, which
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such as rickets, in which one class of symptoms was so very preponderant,
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new silo, the ensilage from which was moldy. The symptoms
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of paroxysmal precordial anguish and oppression, of
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and confiding to his friends. I was proud of his confidence and
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by finger, detaching it from the attachment to the belly
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measure crossed, that a muscular sphincter was formed,
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enemy, the rigors of a frightful winter, the lack of
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ant colonel, but as His Majesty has ordered the Minister of War
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pain became more severe, and dyspeptic symptoms manifested
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by a small dead limb on the outer portion of his left eye. The
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still await solution, but it will not do to pass them by on this occasion without
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dition, his symptoms were those of a violent dysentery, with frequent
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• In this table, B. S. means "before saHcyl"; A. T. means "at toxicity"; the end of the
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and the operation was made Sept. 21st, with the assistance ofDr. Tarbox
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certain proportion of cases of malignant disease is complicated by
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