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Baeteman, J. Dictionnaire amarigna-francais, Dire-Daoua, 1929. (Baeteman)

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type as helps to the detection of the item in quest, the clearness of

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used with good results in two of three patients. There have

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This body held its annual meeting in January, for the

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strong union of the canal — are, I believe, marked disadvan-

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is due to a structural or functional defect or to some neurogenic

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general or the ensheathing portion, through ulceration and perfora-

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power of neutralising or counteracting the opium or the morphine?

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described as 'tearing and griping,' with the sensa-

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through the object under observation, are rendered visible on a screen

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serious cardiac embarrassment, some ten days or so before her

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John B. Conwell, B.S., M.D., Instructor in Ophthalmology.

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Post-mortem some fourteen hours after death. — A well-made,

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scopically it presents, of course, pus corpuscles with molecular and

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been normal, now rose to 101°, while the pulse reached 120. Dr.

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ursemic ulceration of oesophagus and jejunum; acute catarrhal gastro-

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accident. In simple fractures without depression unaccompanied by

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medicine, stated that he often showed signs of marked excitability .

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sue microscopic investigation, — and who, possessing the facilities,

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sufficiently developed, it may be proceeded with. Waiting longer

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The star in both figures indicates the position of the man leading the

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cous and the face slightly so ; otherwise she felt very well.

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les Animauz Vert^br^s. Par Felix 6iRAUi>-TEUL0N, Docteur en ^l^decine de la Faculty

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the fibrous septa between the various layers of muscles as

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ting his stomach into the use of them. Like an unwilling slave, the

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drainage is good. (Good drainage is the first and last essential in the treatment

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are such results obtained as may be secured by their more

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acter still continues. About a fortnight ago he had a chill,

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treatment in acne. Briefly my opinion is that in uncomplicated

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require relatively less food than men, not only on account of the lighter

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atropine the lens was seen to be growing rapidly cataractous, and a small rent

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