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fnct tliat it supplies a want. In tliis edition Dr Carter has liad tlie
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slow injection of the first 10 to 15 cc. of serum should occupy 10 to
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the sac, in fusiform aneurism. He plans no such detail
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tailed at a shilling a bottle he better get it in large quantities. The
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population of 943,711 (population of the State 1,041,465) the
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The chronological history is of great value in the diagnosis of brain
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pose of burial. In the case last cited, Foley vs. Phelps^ the
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of : attention being always given to the tender age of
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will be older ; yet it is by no means easy to differentiate those conditions,
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The relative influence of the seasons in the production of diseases
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Associate Attending Pediatrician, New York Hospital
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AJum till ihey coagulate, placed on the closed lid at night,
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All patients receiving thiazide therapy should be observed for clinical signs of fluid or
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" To avoid yielding again to a similar temptation, he
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cubic millimetre, a decrease of over one-half, the pro-
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nest purpose, men of sympathetic disposition. They are devoted
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prevails likewise among the females, who do not engage in the staple occupations.
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in one of them. The most experienced surgeon may find himself
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ing cases entirely on the available amount of surgical attention his
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refer to a drug which was formerly used. In certain
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ofSarai * * * and he went in unto Hagar, and she conceived." After
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seen, and he had seen many, he did not recall one that did not
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It must be borne in mind that even in the most favorable
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matter— sulphide of ammonium, etc., and perhaps the deficiency of ozone.
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dently a urine of renal irritation. The leucocytosis
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the end parts. As the right hind leg is lifted it bears
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adopt, you have not been bound to follow any man as
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there is always a considerable degree of firm oedema of the surround-
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ten minute or less all through the night It shows how little noise has
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layers, and line closed cavities, parts of the animal body



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