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no S(»und with his voice ; his papers have been made out
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ence of practicing physicians, residents, and medical stu-
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cess. Let us now see what is the mechanism by which the contents
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•3476 (42) Eversley, Wm. P. Law of the domestic relations,
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septicaemias, especially on the basis of the consistence of the spleen and the
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in the bitch. They have a tendency to bleed. Several of them
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that potassium chlorate, when taken into the system,
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duced by intradermal vaccination of normal persons.
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influence and advice of a Dr. Th. Coxe, for in his "Medical
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All these valuable properties combine to produce the excellent
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bodies were still high, and in one sample even higher than the agglu-
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makes a triangular flap and then introduces the sutures, which
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or accounts of actual murder ; which induces them to apply to the
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mittee on Diseases were selected from the members of the Com-
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The prevalence of gall-stones is far more extensive than is
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Bos. : Corr. Fellow Obstet. Soc. of Lond. ; Hon. Mem. Detroit
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improvement in the action of the sphincters and in the condition of the
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placed against this spot and through the tube a very small trocar-
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represents the quantity of urea which would be eliminated in a day,
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an almost constant ratio to the former — i,e.^ the more fat
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appearance of the rash, in the latter not until the second or third day of
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As we have already stated in a previous paper, this proximity of
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cases killed when the disease was at its height, the thoracic organs
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Physical iS>t^.— Marked contraction of the right side of the chest;
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to be the seat of the soul. He was the discoverer of
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ing been carefully trained in all the duties of a sick-room; and they
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these vessels, because their monthly purgations make their
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Brunswick, Cumberland (1738), 5384 — Cumston, C. H. ; Ellis, A.;
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position, and the parts are shown in their natural color, with their rela-
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many millions of living bioplasts must have suffered metam-



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