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kept in captivity. The bacillus, Avhich has been separated from tlie

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This theory he soon abandoned. Skoda carried the teachings

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and better adapted to equalize the heat. " For joining

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cases only a few red spots with their central bluish

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guish i. More or less rounded bodies, the largest 0*05 of a milli-

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in m the C. M. D. S., and morphin, gr. i, in restless

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ing, and so on. Where it is not possible to arrive at a diagnosis, spinal

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uating from the Buifalo Medical College in 1858. He began the prac-

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* The population of Montreal has more than doubled since I first

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in the new should be the first doctor to be elected

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Hess, Juijus H., MJ)., Department of Pediatrics, University of Illinois, College

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sumptive evidence that the individuals had indulged in spirit- drinking,

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"lean kine." They became afflicted with a mortal malady, or

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beneath the ham, and provided with a fenestra so that this part

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was fractured through the symphysis and one inch left

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feelings of the patient, and those feelings are shadowy.

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phthisis. The dysphagia was so great that he could not swallow any

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the autibority of fifty years ago is not the authority of to-day

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children as well as in the nourishment of healthy chil-

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less than justice when you suppress an important part of

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one end only, there will do leeching only at the other end.

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says, for remarking its effects on the animal organization. Orfila showed that

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per on the subject of lecturing, reported by offering

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jection of serum it is best, though not necessary, to have a sterile

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of the plant. When the polar force was maintained in a positive

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the ordinary manner we use the following technic. We first place a

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within a few months, I do not hesitate to recommend an operation. It



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