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Wurzburg has Martin's post, and Waldeyer from Strasburg has
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should have their food diluted, and older children should be placed upon
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countries are fertile in diseases of the skin and eye, and dys-
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felt weak, perspired freely, slight rusty expectoration ; some crepitations at
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Up to this stage no specific treatment had been systematically
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and if this were so, what was the use of applying antiseptics exter-
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subcutaneous, the other penetrating to the interlobular regions.
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(f) Period of Communicability.- — During the period of catarr-
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processes it may be affirmed that the principal organ-
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addition of 100 gm. of bread; present with addition of bread to 200 gm. Intra-
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or more who, being magnetic, quickly inspire others with a similar
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nevertheless agree with the elaborate and useful work of Dr. Crile on
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his fore feet, but could proceed no farther toward getting up.
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quire one or two applications of some strong caustic
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comparatively level and sparsely timbered, while some 60,000
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itself, perha])s also the pavement epithelium, perhaps
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more than half a century Richmond Wells was a popular resort, partly
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a recrudescence of this attack she was found early one morning apparently
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symptoms were those of a painter's colic. He considers that this
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attentive to some woman in the neighborhood, suppress all appearance of
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Phonographic record of clinical teaching and medical
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Entered m seoond-daM matter May 2, 1909, at the Post Office at PUIaddphia, Penxiaylrania, under Act oC
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to be attacked in the early summer by yellowish-red lines
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voice. For seventy-five years he devoted himself to this, con-
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The statistics of 600 cases of eczema which had been under the care
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Dr. Basham (Lancet Jan.) relales two cases treated by the permanga-
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of the shoulder are so diminished as to leave no appearance of their
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21. Kinsella, R. A.: The Archives Int. Med., this issue, p. 367.
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She thought that the god cut off her daughter's head,
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impressed upon them. Water has been occasionally employed by
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border of the fissure can be seen. On passing the finger into
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