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erable discussion was referred back to the same com-
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The best description of the typical lesions of glanders is that given
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half months after the onset of the ilhiess. His heart was still
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methods of vaccination and their efficacy. His con-
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Blood : Hemoglobin 75, white cells 20,750, with 89.5
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London Board of Health, on the common and model lodging-houses
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regions as he frequently admits in his admirable work
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When the bladder is emptied, douche it thoroughly with warm
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These are, Scheele's green, made of arsenite of cop|)er ; and Schweinfiirt
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greatly lessened, and life can be prolonged for about the same
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and represents the preparation for flight or fight. An officer whose
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different day, the proper time relation to the injection of the drug
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from this ; for he adds what follows : Si litems a quo-
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If the owner or occupier fails to comply with these regulations, they
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gestioii of the brain. And yet it is found that the more
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in another part of the country. In my locality a horse that is
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and Lyman's hospital, where a few cases were in waiting for
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pale and thin, and his eyesight had become affected so that he could
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McCollum and Davis that vegetable oils can be rendered efficient for
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Chlorosis. — In reference to this trouble, Dr. Hooper
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