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cavity when polypi are present in the antrum or caries of the

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border drawing it away from the centre of the hand some ana

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fragments of veins deeply blood stained often with two or three branches

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cially under inferior angle of right. Bronchial respi

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The foreign body extracted in this case was about mm. long

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complicating pregnancy were noted out of a total of de

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Mr. Perreault. Again we think that where care is inaccessible

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interesting is the Drepanidium ranarum Lankester identical with

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and veins. The vessels dilate in consequence of this engorge

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tain her. The calculation therefore as a statistical fact is in

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of blood pressure whether induced by exercise or other

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tutional training even though we are unable to def

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liar to itself. It is caused by the bite of certain

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employed in certain definite proportions in accordance with their action and

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provement in sanitation. He had no intention of interfering with

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was not the result of a desperate decision but had been prepared

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bris. These very fine non fibrous particles are the by

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very well be accomplished under existing conditions in this

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microscope are daily extending and whilst there are many points which

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traumatic erysipelas has been abrogated as a special disease by

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this advantage over him that I have myself tried and have seen

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Many of my medical friends have tried this preparation and they highly approve

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doses need not be given at such short intervals. In cases

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organism in its large form paralysis has been consistently produced

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from the commencement of the disorder or the seventh from the



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