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A hernia of the cecum or sigmoid may present difficulties depend-
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'Trans. Amer. Larj'ngological Association, 1884, p. 66.
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eczematous condition of tl»e skin of the face, neck and
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And further than this, the management of the sick room should be
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was hoed and hand-weeded. On this day about one-third
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blood of its infectious elements. As for ipecac, it was
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of the tent. A seidlitz powder was now given as the
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adjacent to the wound, and wash out the wound itself with alcohol or
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projecting well downwards will bite easily into its substance.
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as to allow of the spread of a basal meningitis to the region of the optic
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sion that struck me as being typical of hysteria, and I laughing
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thought, careful observation, and extensive reading.
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for innovation and excellence. Practice is established
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McBurney's point,- which was immediately relieved by
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31. Diagram of experiment to show that the diastolic pressure depends on the
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of the tibia and joining it to the notched spines in order
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New York, who republish the four great British Reviews and Black-
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Inflammatory irritation, or phlogosis, is located in this same struc-
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produced by blocking of the aqueduct of Sylvius and the veins of Galen
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longed exertion must end in depression of -power. In the
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exclude the very large class of cardiac disturbances
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of his life in Florida, and who had tried all sorts of eating, declared
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fluid extracts: Viburnum Prunifolium, Viburnum Opu-
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name of ' Gangrene gazeuse f oudroyante,' states that it has claimed many
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pondence must be established between them before clinical experience can
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the stomach : even if it be known that the poison was taken hypo-
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Besides these indirect effects of vitiated air many diseases are
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