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visiting the little patient, I was astonished to find him covered

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It seems to be a successful game he is working, the details of which are as follows :

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the absorption of the thyroid gland and extract which caused the

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a severe attack of Typhoid. Dr. C. had been practising at

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by keeping breeding ewes and young slieep from newly

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and General Assembly met for organization of the First

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Honorary Staff, New York Hospital. B.S. 1924, Franklin

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parts, than that caused by the organ or organs which they keep

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It is not easy to state precisely the mode of action of ergotin in these cases.

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is so bred that he is capable of transmitting his good qual-

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especially when the benefits follow slowly. With reference to their

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the city ; as country patients are often so far distant as to incur the

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parts of warm water, into which the fabrics are to be immersed,

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ment than was Dr. Craik. He has given at all times his time and his

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were kept in a dark cool-room at a temperature of 14° to 18°C. before

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the wife a healthy germ. The husband may be, to all ex-

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gave her up as incurable. I was sent for. On my arrival, I found her

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ties, but to deal with the palpable ; to judge the subject by

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cannot be calculated reliably for categories with zero sero-

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degree, than most similar associations. Ever since our first incor-

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Fruit and Jam — Vegetables — Milk the Stand-by — Ailments — Cankered Sore Mouth —

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the patient slept quietly for the first time, during the greater part of

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sionallv occurred in the early campaigns of the present century.

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Through a system of community modes, social service

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