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if I mistake not, a therapeutic agent will be found of incalculable

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Mother's Milk ? "] is strongly to be recommended, in the case of

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So soon as fluctuation can be perceived, it is considered right to

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have been averted by a conference. Why was there no confernece?

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to healthy surroundings, is still the possessor of unimpaired health.

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Buiirapubic cystotomy for cancer of the bladder, 377; a case of

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One can entertain the idea of being able to introduce a modified sensitive

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Abbreviations. — U.= University; C. = College; S. = School; Hs.=High School;

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None that are striking or invariable. The urinary se-

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unlucky numbers in the June exams, and the wheel of fortune played

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ford. (Discussion opened by George Blumer, New Haven, and

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case what I never do if it can be avoided, namely, eut

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physiological features of it verge on the pathological, and in many

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Cervello's experiments showed that paraldehyde produces,

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double tertian (two crops of the malarial i)arasite).

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articular affection. In children, however, it is some-

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pressed object in view in reporting the case, viz.: ^Ho add

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of their treatment. These cases brought to mind some ex-

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the horse frequently flexed his fore-legs, seldom lay down, the

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race. In the case of the four-oared crew the average

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ience arising from them, although mechanical, is intermittent. This woman suf-

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Dividing the various layers, the peritoneum is reached and found

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but leaving a clear space of an inch around the wound.

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acid were suspended in 13.6 g. absolute alcohol and boiled 3.5-4

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originating in debility, (see Rush on consumption, medical in-

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then present the appearance of irregular tumours encroachins" on

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After the preliminary incision the scissors should be

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those who have injured themselves by its injudicious use as

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affecting the brain, proved fatal on board; eleven were

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dura being exposed if we perform exploratory operations,

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sillitis, or quinsy, the inflammation in the throat at times

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formed and is now sitting to carry out, as far as may

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he awoke the suggestion was repeated very forcibly, and his eyes

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birth. And considering that the very highest mental and moral



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