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office ; and after this, said person shall be debarred from the ftirther practice of
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the assailants than at this time; for in so great a defeat,
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Colonel Sir Robert Jones, K. C. B., inspector of military orthopedics ;
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curetted and dense endosteal bone chiseled or gouged out, the cavity
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patient, or, when she is recumbent, during inspiration and expiration; but
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besides a little hay. Those cows that are drying up, and
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culosis in children must be accepted as conclusive evidence
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the time, that it remained stationary with the man whom it had
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third 10 cases and four deaths. Almost every one in the command
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nett, in much he had said, but thought there was a differ-
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in England a colony for epileptics capable of work, on the same lines,
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laboriously picking off all connective tissue surrounding the nerves,
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which gradually assumes moi-e and more of a dysenteric character.
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which a sudden strain causes a flexion. What, in such cases, kee[>s the
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this difference, which is not very sensible, there is another advantage,
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Mr. Thomas sells his whole output on private orders, selling none to the trade.
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throat feels sore and contracted, prostration, chilli-
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Dr. Symanskl, of Russia, has proved that tetanus toxin will
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then at the anode or basin connected to the + pole, the body will
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spoken of as blood diseases. Constitutional diseases are of two kinds:
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reside in damp situations and in badly drained houses ; while spring
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a deceased member, to assist a member disabled by illness or
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very best material was fine Chinese twisted silk rendered aseptic.
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symptoms were those I have already described. In looking at her
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vessels of one ear of a white rabbit and thus caused a local paralytic
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20 lbs. (av.,) alcohol, sp. gr. -835, four pints; beat or
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refer to a drug which was formerly used. In certain
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from darkness, and I confess it not a matter of surprise, that



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