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Others, by various means, usually due to some form of
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The Brooklyn dispensary has established social service for venereal
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hundreds of cilliary hairs, some showing that they had been re-
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pass upward, to end at the nipple by as many small mouths. These
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buccalis. It follows that in the larva, as in the adult, the ''dorsal
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conviction, he is chary of advancing the insanity plea. *^
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untoward result of splenectomy is anemia. This anemia is variable
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trichina spiralis. There is none more worthy of the attention of the
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an artery of the papilla moves forward into the vitreous
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Nephritis, Associated with Gall-Stones, Clearing up After Operation,
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fant's breast, which shev^'ii! find very near, and then let her
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fever both due to a common fundamental cause ? Is there also
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also been found in swine that were apparently normal. Bauermeister (16) in-
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attachments and raise it out of its bed entire was, because of its size, found
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was a very regular attendant, " as guest," at this Society, at
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they have too much bile, and it is said they are bilious;
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the remedies. After the first twenty-four hours, I pay little at-
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Dotli, as 'twere, light another's Torch by his own ;
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Prognosis in these cases is grave ; the patients generally die
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had "the right to the possession of the corpse in the same condi-
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concerning those private cases under certificate were very in-
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way as to be separated from one another by a certain uniform space. 1
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opinions. Our laws concerning Coroners cover the first sub-
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The seal is surrounded by a band upon which appears the
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just back of the primary ligature. I always take this pre-
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nervous system, brings about inflammatory excitement of the
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ing for mercy, having apparently little of that instinct which teaches
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symptoms are commoner in "women, and the intestinal in men ; that the
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few minutes. The internal carotid was at the side of the
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anatomy. We shall not repeat it. This complication is
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In the literature of the early days of cerebral surgery may be found
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