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the ammunition prescribed will be 20 rounds revolver ball cartridges.

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1849 b.— Idem. (In Ibidem, fol. Paris, pt. 2, 590 pp.) [\V C .]

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that occur in civil life as they are in those met with in military

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disharmony than paternal + , more likely to be polygamy than

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ducea by the use of injections of starch and laudanum,

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paralysis of an arm, a leg, or both. When a candidate is


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healthy. Fort Roger Jones, for example, established on the Oscilla

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ment, and having placed him in a darkened room in such a position that his head

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woman, jet. 38, unipara, who suffered from severe pain, associ-

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it. The disease is most apt to be found in the midst of an epidemic, but can

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and blood derangement, especially when the excess is due

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permeated with vessels of a new formation, whose walls are also

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found floating on the top of the bottle of laboratory

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by its means, a large surface of blood is exposed to the cooling

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In walking with a lady you are not bound to recognise gentle-

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shoulder are remarkable, but seem out of proportion

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