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stated in a newspaper that a man in Massachusetts had lived forty-

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ward, at an angle of forty-five degrees with the spine — conse-

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Dr. BenjaiuIN Eush, who was active in the latter, he

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the prognosis, in simple hypostatic affections, is usually good.

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with psoriasis. .\s Dr. Sibley said, the affection of the finger-nails was

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is flexed the end of one bone passes into a groove in front of the

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103.2° Fahr. I consider any attempts to fill the gap, in our

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suria will get well by the above method with the addition of alteratives and

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the signs of the pointing of a simple circumscribed abscess.

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Eadicalis et bisque quaque perfecta, qua quis etiam a diathesi ad

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especially when the benefits follow slowly. With reference to their

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2 Traitd des M.iladies des Yeux. Par Dr. X. Galezowski. Third

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Prognosis in these cases is grave ; the patients generally die

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Dr. Geo. R. White, Nashville; First Vice-President. A. O. Ken-

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Subsequently, and during the early part of our civil

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side up, over which you sprinkle about one-half an ounce of fine ground saltpeter.

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of seed per acre. One variety, the Polaris, gave a larger

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'59534 Brady, Q. S. Monograph of the free and semi-parasitic

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general interest by distinguished practitioners, reports of interesting facts

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deceased took the poison immediately before she was heard to call

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bundles which pierce the sclerotic near the entrance of

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The first operation necessary in all sores, wotmds,

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F. I. C, etc., author of "A Manual on Chemistry, General,

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tin days. The bowels were not moved until after the ten

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are usually the result of Sore Shins, but there are also many other causes

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The tissue of the lobe mass in Experiment 4 was jaundiced only

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phia, January 1887. By John J. Reese, M.D., 1 oi Med-

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Next the torn brachialis anticus and the group of muscles attached

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thing that he missed was the ultimate connection be-



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